A Pickleball Soap Opera


In this episode we chat with author Jeff Rasley about his newest book, "A Pickleball Soap Opera: Love, Murder, and Pickleball", which is his 13th book. As you may recall, Jeff is a previous guest on the podcast from way back in season 1 or 2 where we talked with him about his many travel experiences. Jeff talks about a variety of topics including the origins of Pickleball, his inspiration for writing this book, his experiences as a pickleball player, and many other things related to his writing process, publishing company, future projects and the like. It is always a pleasure to talk to such a creative and knowledgeable person as Jeff, and we think you will find this an interesting episode, which we think you will enjoy.

Rather than putting Jeff's very lengthy Bio here, we invite you the head over to his website at ​www.jeffreyrasley.com to find out more about him. 

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