Backstory Sessions

If you ever wondered, “what’s the story behind that story” then Backstory Sessions is for you. We showcase fascinating people, from all walks of life. Each episode takes a behind the scenes look at their work and spotlights guests who have their own stories to tell.

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Guests On Backstory Sessions

We've been honored to tell so many fabulous backstories. Check out just a few of our guests.


Actors: Loretta Swit,  Michael Learned, Rick Cosnett, Max Casella and Vernon Wells

Singers: Rhonda Vincent, Artimus Pyle, Bev Bevin, Tess Frizell and Jeanie Seely

Songwriters: Steve Dorff, Bobby Tomberlin and Alex Miller



6 days ago

Hello Backstory fans! Join us for an exciting episode, as we delve into the love story of country music artists, Bobby Tomberlin and Tess Frizzell, who discuss their respective musical journeys filled with shared experiences, challenges, triumphs, and how their paths crossed in Nashville. Amid their professional struggles, they highlight the importance of mutual respect, authenticity, and the transformative power of shared experiences in deepening their bond.
The story unfolds further, taking us on an intimate journey through their career milestones, hilarious mix-ups and dating experiences, illuminating how their shared love for music intertwined with their romantic ties. Through candid discussions of their life together, career achievements, and shared memories, you'll glimpse how their love transcends the chaos of the entertainment industry, strengthening through trials and tribulations, and provides a refreshing blend of humor, love, and realism. 
Also, we talk about Cat's experience with the "Dear Juliet" club in Verona, Italy, and Victorian-era practices like pinning bay leaves to your pillow to attract love. An interesting backstory of Necco candy hearts, and the probably best forgotten tradition of "Vinegar Valentines" are also discussed. We hope you enjoy this sweet and fun episode!

Sunday Feb 11, 2024

Hello Backstory fans! In this sweet episode, we explore the remarkable love journey of John and Robin Berry. From a chance meeting in a small Georgia club to a strong and enduring marriage of almost 36 years, this episode unveils their extraordinary love story.
Recalling their earlier years,, John, a quiet country singer, and Robin, a vibrant health and education student, share their unique path of defying conventional norms, making their relationship work amid the challenges of long-distance dating, the pressures of an aspiring music career, and the ups and downs of being first-time parents on tour.
Though faced with hardships, the couple’s deep bond, shared values, and their faith in each other held them together. This episode gives listeners insight into their lives, detailing how they manage to maintain a strong family, home, faith, and a mutual love for music while keeping their personal lives and music careers in balance.
Dive into this heartwarming tale of an enduring relationship, filled with laughter, struggles, triumphs, romance, and life lessons. This  episode is the celebration of love in its purest form through the eyes of John and Robin Berry.

Sunday Feb 04, 2024

Hello Backstory fans! Relive the unforgettable love stories of Backstory Sessions in this engaging Valentine's Month  episode. The episode takes a deep dive into the complex narrative of love, offering some Valentine's Day trivia and an interesting backstory of the oldest known Valentine
The episode continues with a captivating journey into a charming love story that evolves from friendship into a significant romantic relationship. Our friend Masyn, in her 3rd podcast with us, recounts her tale with vivid memories that discuss the transformation of her relationship with Nathaniel, challenging predefined romantic norms and sharing a love story that is as complex as it is beautiful.
Through a series of intimate anecdotes, Masyn and Nathaniel explore their whirlwind romance, from casual church meetings to a profound connection, leading up to a magical proposal set amidst the festive backdrop of Christmas trees. Each moment of their journey is sketched in detail, making their story a testament to love's instinctive knowledge. They dive further into their love story discussing their grand wedding, their strategies for effective communication, and the little quirks that uniquely define their relationship. The couple's strong foundation of love and faith mixed with an understanding of each other's perfections and imperfections, makes this episode an incredible exploration of companionship, future plans, aspirations, and the wonderful balance in their relationship. This episode is a heartwarming insight into the beauty and complexities of love and evolving relationships.

"Anthems": Artimus Pyle

Sunday Jan 28, 2024

Sunday Jan 28, 2024

Hello Backstory Fans! We are back with the start of Season 11! In this episode, we welcome back the iconic drummer and musician, Artimus Pyle, in a long discussion about his journey, filled with unexpected turns and intriguing stories. From surviving plane crashes and recording his exciting new project, "Anthems", to be released on Feb 2nd, to the pain of losing his friend and former bandmate Gary Rossington last year, Artimus reveals it all. Explore the incredible journey of this iconic artist, learn about some of the intricacies of the music world, and get an inside look into the process of recording the album ‘Anthems’ to honor the Lynyrd Skynyrd legacy. 
It is an emotional rollercoaster ride through Artimus's experiences - from interactions with renowned artists like Dolly Parton, Sammy Hagar, and Ronnie Dunn to name a few, to dealing with the sometimes harsh realities of life on the road with the Artimus Pyle Band, and grappling with personal and professional trials. Find out how and why he rerecorded some of the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd hits to appeal to long time fans as well as new audiences and the legacy he wishes to uphold in the world of timeless music.
You will recognize Artimus's resilience as he shares his journey against health challenges, including cancer and a heart attack, his commitment to a healthy lifestyle, legal challenges encountered in the music business, and his future plans in this engaging episode. This is a compelling tale of a musician shaped by adversity but driven by his unwavering love and passion for music.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Sunday Dec 24, 2023

Sunday Dec 24, 2023

Merry Christmas Eve Backstory fans! This episode marks the end of a long season 10 for us. .It is also our 150th episode. We look back at the year, and talk about a few of the highlights, and look ahead to the coming year in this episode. We also talk with our friend Mikey, who has been on the podcast previously. He catches us up on everything he has been doing. It's a story you don't want to miss, as he has had a hell of a year. 
We want to wish you all a happy holiday season where ever you are, and hope the new year brings you all the good luck and love you could want. We will see you in a few weeks with more great episodes! Merry Christmas everyone!

Rockin Around With Will

Saturday Dec 16, 2023

Saturday Dec 16, 2023

Hello Backstory Fans!..In this episode we bring you a wide ranging conversation with singer/songwriter Will Wesley. Will has been performing for a long time, touring with his band, and recording. He takes on the Brenda Lee Chistmas classic “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”, putting his own spin on it. Find out why he chose this song, and all about his interesting backstory. Will loves being on stage, and creating music, and it shows in this great episode!

Playing the Villian

Sunday Dec 10, 2023

Sunday Dec 10, 2023

Hello Backstory fans! In this episode we talk to actor Gene Farber. Gene has appeared on tv, in movies and does voice over for video games. Born in Belarus, and moving to the US as a young man, he almost always is cast as the villain, and enjoys playing that role. Find out why in the episode, along with many other interesting things about our great guest!..His new movie, Abigail, has just been released. We hope you enjoy the episode!

Sunday Dec 03, 2023

Hello Backstory Fans! Join us for this episode where we chat with the amazing Lacy J Dalton. Lacy talks with us about her career, and the work involved with being in the music business as an independent artist. She also talks about some of her charity work, her love for animals, "16th Avenue" some of her influences, and the subject of her recent Christmas video, "Carl the Christmas Dog". Her passion for animals and music are at the forefront of this interesting episode that we hope you will enjoy.

Betting on Savannah

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

Hello Backstory Fans! In this episode we first reveal some of the things that have been happening recently that we mentioned on our last episode. A few surprises for us in this busy time of year.
We also sit down with singer/songwriter Savannah Dean Reeves, and chat about her path from singing in the car with her mom, to playing at the Hard Rock in Cancun, heading out to California for the Voice, and playing locally in Kentucky.. Savannah is developing a following around Kentucky and beyond with the help of her new song, "Bet on Me", which she plays a little of for us in this episode.. We hope you enjoy it! We also want to congratulate Savannah on her upcoming graduation from college.  Find out where she is going next..

Sunday Nov 19, 2023

Hello Backstory fans! Its almost that time of year again and we are getting set to enjoy Thanksgiving here in the US. Immediately after is Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, 2 of the biggest shopping days of the year, so we put together a list of gift ideas to help you out with your post turkey holiday shopping. We searched for some fun and interesting gifts, and present you with this year's list in this fun episode. We don't share lists with each other before the episode. What will be on our lists this year? Who will have the more useful, or least practical gift? Have a Listen and find out!

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