Love and Jello


We are back again with a new episode about our first book, Love and Jello, and have a conversation with our friend Sheila Browning, who read and reviewed the book. She share what she likes about, it, favorite characters, and how the idea for the book was developed, and written. You can find the book on LuLu, as well as Amazon, and Barnes and Noble to name a few. We are proud of our first book, and hope you will enjoy hearing more about it, and grab a copy to read the rest of the story.

Unstuck..11 Rules for Moving Forward With Your Life


We are back! After a long hiatus we, Cat and Matt, have returned with this interesting episode where we dive deeper into Matt's past, and how he became unstuck from various situations he faced. Later in the episode, Matt talks about  the strategies that have helped him move forward that anyone can apply to various things in their own lives. We hope you enjoy this wide ranging episode. (Matt was getting over a cold at the time. He also apologizes for the over use of the phrase "You know.".")

Not Weighting


A discussion between Cat and Matt about hating to drink water, developed into a future book idea, and currently this podcast with our guests:

Author Sora Vernikoff, who wrote her best selling book "Eat What You Want, Stop When You Want", after figuring out her thought process surrounding food, and working to change this process to help her make better choices in her effort to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Also joining us on this episode is Santana Rodriguez, who hosts her own popular TV show, "Shaping Up with Santana", which is currently streaming on the Roku app, and Amazon Fire TV to name a few. Santana talks about the connection between the food you eat, and how it make yous feel, as well as motivation, accountability, and what motivates her most of all.

Both ladies share with us their interesting backstories, provide many tips to help start and/or continue your journey towards your goals of getting and staying healthy, and why willpower is over-rated, to name a few topics.   

Teaching Perspectives


Almost everyone has a teacher they remember fondly from their time in school. These are the special ones who can connect with their students, prepare them well for next steps in life, and genuinely care about the success and well being of the students, giving their time, and love to those they teach. Such is the case for the exceptional teachers profiled in this episode. Join us for another special episode featuring our awesome guests Corri Taylor, and Johnathan Stephens. Both are teachers at Lynn Camp High School in Kentucky, who share their backstories of what inspired them to become teachers, the struggles of teaching virtually in the time of Covid-19, how they feel about their students, what their high school experiences were like, and what they would like their students to know. Also joining the conversation is the equally amazing Arthur Canada, who retired from a long career teaching at Lynn Camp a few years ago, but has maintained a close relationship to the school, the teachers, and the students there through his work as the Neighborhood Promise School Coordinator with Berea College. Arthur shares his insights into the past, present and potential future of teaching from his unique perspective. (We had some technical issues recording Arthur during the podcast recording, and there is a great solo interview with him at the end of the podcast.) 

Mothers Day State of the Union


Happy Mother's Day! Matt and Cat talk about recent projects, Mothers Day, and Verizon? Join us for a wrap up of the writing of the short play "In Color" which won the recent Kentucky Theater Association Bake Off contest, , and what the inspiration for that was. We also talk about our mothers, and a bit of the surprising origins of Mother's Day.  

Senior Year Interuptus


Graduation, Prom, Senior Trip, and many other events at high schools around the country have been put on hold or cancelled this year. For seniors entering their last year of high school with high hopes of a fun and memorable year have had to deal with much more than any class before them. The uncertainty of the times, the sudden end to their high school days, and the desire to be together once again, before everyone heads off to their next life chapter are all discussed with our guests: Bethany Smith, Aaliyah Flanley, and Masyn Mitchell. All are Lynn Camp seniors in Kentucky, and amazing young women. They share their thoughts about all from their unique perspective living through this unprecedented period, and much more in this insightful episode.            Here's to the Class of 2020. We want to wish you all much happiness and success wherever the wind takes you!

Go Your Own Way


Matt and Cat talk to their guests, authors Jeff Rasley, and Carolyn CJ Jones about their travel experiences and the back stories that made them go in the first place. Both have unique perspectives, and great stories to tell, which they share with us in tonight's episode. Matt recounts the story of his security mishap in a foreign country. 

Love Online


Cat and Matt talk to guests Sean McCartney about his experiences with finding love online, and also Relationship Coach Amy Schoen on ways to make it work, even in the midst of a pandemic. Interesting discussion and backstories about finding love online.

Tattoos, Wolves, Elvis, and the Ghostman


Matt and Cat talk to their special guests this week: Alan Katz, Christopher Rausch, and Mark Raines. All have lots to say about  having tattoos, from the guys perspective, which contrasts last weeks episode with the ladies. A great discussion with awesome insight into the back stories of what made them chose the tattoos they have, perceptions of others about them, and where Elvis fits in the story. Mark Raines joins at the very end of the episode due to technical issues during recording.

Lions, Dolphins, and A Tattoo Artist


Matt and Cat talk to special guests: tattoo artist Tamara Henson, and Penny Forman, who has gotten many tattoos over the past 20 years. They discuss why people get them, some of the different aspects involved in choosing and getting them, as well as what its like to permanently (usually) ink someone for a living. Statistics and unique perspectives from both sides of the needle. Some Profanity. 

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