Operation Babylift


We are back with another episode that is really different and interesting. It recalls the ending days of the Vietnam war and the operation that was undertaken to move thousands of orphans out of the country as the North Vietnamese closed in on Saigon. We talk with Albert Monroe who was an Ar Force load master on one of the planes used to move approx. 130,000 people during the end of the US involvement in the war. Al's plane ferried hundreds of kids out of Vietnam over 3 flights and toward a better life. He has logged over 10,000 flight hours in different aircraft and flew missions in and out of Vietnam and around the world during his long military career.  Al's personal stories of what happened during this time in history, and throughout his career is not to be missed. We thank him for his service, and willingness to talk about his experiences of what it was like to be on the ground and in the air during what was clearly a chaotic time, as well as other missions he was involved in. 

On the 30th anniversary of Operation Babylift, we give thanks to the brave men and women who made this humanitarian event happen, and say a prayer for those who died in carrying out these flights. 



We are excited to be back with another really interesting episode we think you will really enjoy as much as we did recording it. ..

DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team is half of the ‘90s hip hop duo Tag Team which made the song
“Whoomp!” (There It Is)
DC is an expert in the music industry, acting, and voice over. As well as being well versed in SEO, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Fashion Photography and Motivational Speaking. He's also an actor and voice artist with the People Store Agency in Atlanta.
DC is featured in the #1 commercial in the country: Geico’s "SCOOP THERE IT IS". He is full of great stories, experiences and poignant advice for all to grow from. Do not miss this episode. He is a very entertaining and knowledgeable guest.
Thank you to Justin J. White (BIO below) for the great work he did in creating the intro for this episode, and to the University of the Cumberlands, and the Lyric Theater and Cultural Arts Center in Lexington. KY (Links below) for helping to sponsor this episode. 
BIO: Justin J. White: Age: 36 Kentucky Native, father of 4; currently residing in Reno, Nevada.
An Alum of The University of The Cumberlands and Eastern Kentucky University.
10 year Army veteran with 3 tours to Iraq
Poetry and writing were always my favorite things to do.
Coming from a musical family, I found my voice at an early age.
“Pain is the moment I realized I was human”- J. White

Road Trip!


We talk to Kelly Polk, who traveled from Alaska to Atlanta in a used Ford van that here and her friend Travis converted into a camper for the trip. Hear about this interesting undertaking, stories from the road, practical tips, and a range of other topics about traveling around the country with your significant other. Did Travis leave Kelly somewhere?..Or did Kelly push him out of a moving van?..Find out in tonights fun and interesting episode. 

Enter, Center Stage..


In this episode, we talk the Christie Connolly, Professor of Theatre at Union College. Hear about how she incorporates real world connections into her classes and about her social Justice theatre class which she designed. Christie is a fascinating guest with an interesting backstory to share with us. Teaching during the pandemic has been difficult, and Christie has found some interesting ways to keep her students engaged, and motivated during stress inducing times. You can also check out her excellent documentary :

Exit, Screen Left: Theatre Through A Pandemic


Talking PTSD


Back with another episode. We sit down with Dean Whitaker, a certified Clinical Chaplain, about various topics related to PTSD.  Dean has led weekly spirituality groups for Veterans in residential treatment for PTSD and substance dependence. He advocates for all persons who have undergone trauma, doing Soul Care that enables healing, help, and hope. He share some great info on treatment, coping, and recognizing symptoms. It is an interesting and important episode that we hope you enjoy.

Gorilla Girl


The story behind the stories.

Gorilla Girl


We are back with the first episode of what we are calling Season 3. We know you missed us, as we have you all. 

Tonight's episode is with the cast and director of Cat's play titled "Gorilla Girl", about an online romance, and the repercussions of the things we tell people about ourselves might be. Its an interesting episode with the director and cast's take on playing the characters, who the real villain is, and what the hope is that the audience will take away from the play. 

For those of you who weren't able to attend the Dramatist's Guild play performance Zoom event, Cat has agreed to make the play available to those who would like to read it. Please contact her at iwriteplays@outlook.com and she will get it to you. 

(Note: This is a long episode, at just over 2 hours, and there were some odd noises in the first part, that I couldn't remove without sacrificing dialogue. It is the product of having 4 people remotely connected in different ways so that I could record everyone.)

You Say You Want a Resolution..


Happy New Year!..We are talking resolutions, Review the past year and talk about a big upcoming project you dont want to miss!.. Also, What are our resolutions for this year? How does Prince fit into this episode? And what can the "Big Announcement" be?..Tune in to find out! (There are actually 2!)

Useless Knowledge


We are back with another episode where we discuss a plethora of random facts while recording in Cat's van. Find out about the mysterious disappearance of a tv character, and how long an ant queen lives, as well as the what the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie received for the recipe. We hope you enjoy this interesting and sometimes silly episode.

Podcastically, They Said..


After allowing us to be on his show awhile back, fellow podcaster Adam Blaylock from "A Guy, A Car, and A Podcast" drops by to talk to us. We originally planned to put out a show about podcasting in general, but it morphed into a fascinating episode that covers a lot of ground. Topics include: Religion, Grunge, Adam's path to Podcasting, some of the highs and lows of Podcasting, Vampires, and many other interesting things. Please join us for this fun and engaging episode, and we would like to thank  Adam for stopping in to chat with us on Episode 21.

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